1. Planning

Planning the processes:

– Resources

– Document system (SOPs, work instructions)

– Initial and continuous training

– Risk management

2. Service provision

Implementing the processes:

– Approriate resources

– Compliance with specification objectives (cost-quantity-quality-time scales)

– Compliance with SOPs

– Amendment management

– Incident management

– Risk follow-up

3. Verification

Monitoring the processes:

– Internal audits

– Efficacy of corrective and preventive actions

– Measuring client satisfaction

– Quality indicators

4. Continuous improvement

Improving processes and practices based on factual elements stemming from monitoring


Euraxi is a project management specialist in clinical research and epidemiology, assisting clients with their projects since 1986. Our organisation and service offer have been perfectly tailored to meet the precise needs of our clients. We can take on all or part of your operations thanks to our multidisciplinary team. This team is organised into specialised units and is guided by quality procedures inherent to the requirements of your projects.


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