02 Services / products

Digital & Tools


  • Methodology and organization

    An AGILE KANBAN style method
    A DevSecOps approach
    (integrating data security is a prerequisite for any development)

  • Validation and Qualification

    Dedicated functional organization
    Validation plans and Risk analysis
    Preparation of IQ / OQ-PQ documents
    Validation reports

  • Apps development

    Continuous integration platform
    Compliance with coding standards and architectural principles
    Stable and proven languages ​​(.Net, PHP, Python)
    Robust DBMSs (Oracle, PostgreSQL)
    Recognized ecosystem and secure solutions

  • Security
    management and performance

    Performance analysis and testing
    Automation of tasks
    Source code analysis
    Regular vulnerability checks
    Penetration tests
    HDS production environments

  • Production Oversight

    Real-time incident analysis
    Event management
    Risk analysis