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Who are we?
CRO Full Services
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Leader in Clinical Research

EURAXI, leading CRO with more than 35 years of expertise, offers an innovative approach, framed by dedicated procedures and meeting regulatory requirements, for the performance of your projects in France or abroad.

Our multidisciplinary teams, organized with Subject Matter Experts, provide agile solutions for global or “à la carte” management of your projects for interventional and observational studies, biometrics, early access programs and care, evaluation of medical devices and home nursing.

since 1986

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CRO Full Services

  • Interventional Studies
    Phases I, II, III and IV
    and Non Interventional Studies
    Observatory and epidemiological studies

  • AAP, EAP
    Global Early Access Management

  • From Site Feasibility to Clinical Study Report
    Project Management, Regulatory and submission, Medical Writing, Monitoring, Data Management, Biostats, PharmacoVigilance.

Innovative CRO

  • Clinical
  • Monitoring
    and site support
  • Data Management
    and BioStats
    Early Access Program
  • Digital tools
    Home Nursing
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  • Drugs

  • Medical Devices

  • Dermo-cosmetics

  • Nutrition



+2000 projects 
+15,000 sites
+50000 validation d’Accès Précoces

History of Euraxi

  • 1986

    Creation of the network of generalist investigators

  • 1993

    Integration of Monitoring activities

  • 1999

    Specialization in Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC/TEC) and nursing care

  • 2005

    Development of Data Management and Biostats units

  • 2012

    Medical Device Unit implementation

  • 2013

    Development of the Home Nursing department (nursing network)

  • 2014

    Digital Tools specific to projects

Our culture & approach

We share common values ​​based on our team cohesion and the quality of our services.

  • Integrity & respect
  • Innovation
  • Service
  • Trust
  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Security
  • Fulfillment
  • Afcros


    AFCROs was born in 2002 from the joint reflection of service and consulting companies in pharmaceutical and medical development for Health Products.
    Its objective is to :
    – demonstrate and support the high degree of professionalism of French clinical research companies,
    – preserve the employment of French employees,
    defend the interests of all professionals in the sector and patients as well,
    – commit to ethical and responsible research.
    The action of AFCROs is solely associative. AFCROs wants to be dynamic and responsive, while fundamentally respecting the independence of member companies and their competitive situation.
    AFCROs has more than ninety member companies spread throughout France. AFCROs members represent approximately 70% of the outsourced service activity in France, more than 3,000 employees in the field of Clinical and Epidemiological Research.
    More information : afcros.com

  • French Healthcare


    French Healthcare is an association that is being built both as a tool for leading the network of health actors and an instrument for the collective promotion of French know-how.
    In its approach, French Healthcare contributes to promoting the French vision of global health, based on a humanist approach to care and equitable and fair access to health products and services.
    The promotion of French health expertise, in its broadest sense, is how French Healthcare illustrates French excellence in health.
    More information : frenchhealthcare.fr